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Consumer & Broadcast Duplication / Standards Conversion / Linear Insert Edits / Assemble Editing / PAL VHS Duplication / Custom Labels / Packaging

UAVG_Video_PageWe at United Audio Video have over 30 years of experience in broadcast and consumer video duplication. We provide a full range of videotape duplication services from broadcast video formats to VHS and standards conversion. Compromising quality is never an option at United. Since our inception, we’ve used high quality tape stock and regularly perform routine maintenance and head cleanings on all of our equipment. With our consistent quality control, we ensure you will get a high-end dub every time. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Because broadcast cassette duplication has been a specialty of ours for many years, we know and understand your broadcast duplication needs. All dubs are broadcast quality and ready for air. Video and audio levels are set from the master’s color bars. We also match time code on all dubs, where available. Your dubs are near-clones of the master you provide. Linear insert and assemble editing is available and can be an inexpensive alternative to booking an edit bay. All decks, professional or consumer, are time base corrected for video levels adjustments and seamless transitions between black, bars and master decks.

We are still set up to support the demand for Hi Fi VHS dubs. Our 3 VHS systems are all tied to broadcast and consumer format master decks, so we can take whatever type of master you have and transfer it to the VHS recorders. We have 2 NTSC VHS systems set up, one for large dub jobs and the second for medium to small dub jobs. Our third system is our PAL VHS system. This is for VHS dubs in the PAL format to be played back in the countries using the PAL TV system.

We can also convert your video and make a dub to playback on a different TV system than that for which your master is formatted. This is known as a standards conversion. We can go from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC. We use the Video International standards converter for broadcast quality conversions.

We offer custom labels, cases or sleeves, shrink-wrap, fulfillment and shipping.

Our duplication services are 100% guaranteed, so you can be assured that your dubs will be the very best.

Supported Video:

  • NTSC & PAL


Supported Video Formats:

  • D1
  • D2
  • DCT
  • D3
  • Digital Betacam
  • Digital-S(D-9)
  • DV-CAM
  • Beta-SX
  • Betacam SP
  • Betacam
  • 1-inch
  • 3/4-inch
  • 3/4-inch SP
  • DVD
  • Betamax II
  • 8MM
  • HI-8MM
  • Digital-8
  • VHS
  • SVHS
  • VHC-C



Please contact us regarding any format or media that is not listed.


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