Vaulting Services

Safe & Secure / Bar-Coded / Scanned In & Out / Shelved

VaultingThe investment in your finished production is incentive to keep your master(s) or sub-master(s) in a safe and secure environment. At United Audio Video, all masters are bar-coded, scanned and entered into our library software and stored on shelves in our tape vault. Tapes are checked in and out of the vault at your request. Should you need a clip pulled or a dub of your master made, you no longer have to locate your master and drive it to the dub house. Instead simply call us or fill out a request on our website and your completed job will be waiting for you to pick up at your convenience. We can also ship your order to your desired destination. Let us simplify the dub process for you. Join the list of our clients who keep their broadcast, corporate and personal masters in our vault.

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