Packaging / Fulfillment

Assembly / Shrinkwrap / Shipping / Fulfillment

PackagingHere at United Audio Video, we offer complete packaging of your media orders. All print and assembly of your order is done in house which allows us to control quality and keep completion time down. From printing to assembly to shrinkwrap, your order will be packaged by us and readied for will call, delivery or shipping.

If needed, we also offer fulfillment of your order if it’s being shipped to multiple locations. Once your media is finished in packaging, our shipping dept. will box or bag it according to your shipping needs. It can be packed for shipping in individual bags or bulk cartons. Any extras that you may have that you want to be sent with the shipments will be included in the packages. If it’s a small quantity of locations, you can supply us with names and addresses and we’ll take care of entering them accordingly. If it’s a large quantity of shipments, you can supply us with printed address labels for USPS or an Excel file, set up to our specs, for UPS or Fed Ex.

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