High Def / Blu-Ray

Authoring / Duplication / Replication / Up Conversions / Down Conversions / Cross Conversions

VideoServicesAs video evolves, it is our priority to stay current and up to date with new technology. United Audio Video is proud to support a broad range of Hi-Definition videotape as well as Blu-Ray DVD. We are diverse and experts in this ever changing field. We are able to accommodate most duplication, encoding and transferring projects. We provide HD up/down/cross/standards and frame rate conversions.

Up Conversion – We can take any standard definition video and up-convert it to an HD format, with matching time code.

Down Conversion – We can take most HD formats and down-convert them to any standard definition format. Down converting offers an aspect ratio of your choice and regenerating either drop frame or non-drop frame time code depending on the frequency of your tape.

Cross Conversion – Cross converting is staying HD from master to dub. Examples of that include HDCAM to HDCAM, HDCAM to D5, D5 to HDCAM, D5 to D5, etc. You have the option of staying with the same parameters or changing them.

Blu-Ray discs provide breathtakingly clear, crisp video that will amaze viewers. United Audio Video has the capability and resources to author and duplicate Blu-Ray DVDs. With over 5 times the storage capacity of a regular DVD, Blu-Ray DVDs will hold much more content than a regular disc.

Let us transfer your HD assets to tape or Blu-Ray and you will see first hand the superior quality we consistently provide.

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