Forensic Watermarking

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ForensicWatermarking_PageWith the Internet being so easily accessible, forensic watermarking is a necessary process to protect your content. If you only want specific viewers to view your video content, our expertise in forensic watermarking can assure that only those intended viewers would view your content or that they would be held responsible for releasing it.

We take your DVD master and load it onto a hard drive on our watermarking system. Once it’s loaded, we set up the art to be imprinted on the face of the disc. We also create the numbering that will become the individual watermark on each DVD. We then run your video content through our watermarking software, which will embed a different number in each DVD. The number/watermark is invisible when you watch the DVD. The number is actually a part of the video signal, and cannot be removed. The same number will also be incorporated into the disc art that you supply, so you will know what number watermark is embedded into each DVD. If your content is ever posted online or copied to new media, we simply take a portion of the content, run it through our investigating software, which reveals the watermark, and lets you know exactly which copy was compromised.

Because the watermarking process requires each DVD to be marked individually, this process is slightly more time consuming and costly than regular duplicating. There is also a charge for each investigation that you request.

When your priority is protecting your content from being posted online, our knowledge in forensic watermarking will provide you with the security you desire.

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