Film Transfers

8mm / Super8 / Menu For Multiple Reels

Film_PageAs times change, and technology advances, it is not uncommon to come across reels of old film that are unwatchable because the projectors that play them are obsolete, unavailable or simply don’t work. These old reels often contain priceless footage of generations of the past: treasures that every family would enjoy, if only they could find a way to watch them. Not only can we help you view this prized old footage, but we can also preserve the precious memories they contain, so that future generations will have the ability to see their family history come alive.

We take your 8mm and Super 8 reels of film and transfer them to DVD (or whatever video format you require), that will survive the test of time. Reel to reel film has a limited shelf life before it begins to deteriorate, so let us help you preserve the irreplaceable memories this film contains. We will provide you with a streamlined DVD with all or a group of your film reels. If we are putting multiple reels on a single DVD, it will contain a menu, so you can select with ease the reel you’d like to watch. If you don’t want to select and watch a certain reel, all the reels on the DVD will play from start to finish. Once we have the master DVD completed, we can burn as many copies as you require for an additional fee. Most importantly your cherished family memories are preserved for future generations to enjoy.


  • .15 per foot of film + $9.95 per master DVD
  • There is a $25.00 minimum charge per master DVD


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