DVD Services

DVD Authoring / Duplication / Replication / Full Color DVD Imprinting / Package Printing / Assembly

United Audio Video specializes in every aspect of DVD manufacturing, from authoring to the finished product. We can assist you in creating a master DVD, manufacturing DVDs, designing disc art, as well as consulting with you on the many packaging options we offer.

We create a master DVD from your HD or SD master tape. The processes are known as encoding/compression and authoring. We encode the video, create menus and buttons, build the navigation, and end with a burned DVD master for duplication or a DDP image for replication.

Once you have approved the DVD maser, we can manufacture the desired quantity of DVDs. Less than 1,000 pieces is usually duplicated, or burned. We only use high quality media, so our duplicated DVDRs are extremely reliable. Once the DVDRs are burned, we can then take your duplicates and print directly on the face of the disc with our thermal transfer printers. We can print simple black text or a full color image. The normal turn time for a duplicated order is 2 to 5 business days once we have the art files and the master.
Orders of 1,000 pieces or more are replicated, or stamped. We create a glass master that will be used to “stamp” the pits in the blanks. Once the discs are stamped, they go to printing. For single color or “called out” PMS colors, we use a silk-screen printing process. For an image or colors that aren’t specified by the client, we use a 4 color process to do offset printing on the discs. The normal turn time for a replicated order is 5 to 7 business days.

If time is a factor, we can rush the job for you at an added cost.

Once the DVDs are completed, we can deliver them to you in bulk on spindles or we can package them to your specifications.

Whether you require a single DVD or thousands, we’ll get your job done right the first time. We’ll assist you from start to finish getting you the final package that you’re looking for. You can be sure we’ll give your order the same care we’ve been giving our customers for many years.



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