DVD Authoring

Encoding & Compression / Menu Creation / Navigation / Document Integration

DVDAuth_PageA video in its native format is too large to fit on a 4.7 GB DVD5 or an 8.5 DVD9. When you have a master tape that you would like to transfer to DVD, it must first be encoded (or digitized and compressed) in order to make it small enough to fit onto an SD DVD. An hour of uncompressed video can be as large as 100 GBs. Once we compress it, we import it into one of our authoring programs to begin the next step. If you have an electronic video file, we’ll convert it and size it to prepare it for authoring.Once the file is imported into the authoring program, we assemble your assets (video files, menus, documents, etc). We will either import the menu you supply us, or create one for you. If we are creating the menu for you, we can either use a still from your show (known as a frame grab) or we can design something from the art you provide. We also can create sub-menus, which are menus buried within the main menu. These include scene selection, set up or instructions to access special features, such as documents, photos, audio files, and windows media files. We will also author the navigation, which is essentially incorporating buttons on the menu(s) that give the DVD player commands on where to go and what to do.Many elements can be authored onto a DVD. If you have something you would like incorporated onto your master DVD, just let us know. With our years of experience and thousands of projects under our belts, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.


  • Simple “Start & Stop” encode + DVD Master – .50 per minute ($25 minimum charge)
  • Encode + authoring + DVD Master – $120 per hour


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