CD Mastering

Encoding / Editing / Equalizing / Level Matching / Restoration

CDMastering_PageWhen you’ve got audio that you want to put to CD, it’s time to master. If you’re satisfied with the overall sound of the original audio, we simply encode the audio, edit, number the tracks and burn the CD master. If you’re not satisfied with the sound of your original audio, United Audio Video’s years of experience and expertise in CD mastering can help to create the quality audio that you desire.

We have the ability to EQ, maximize, adjust or match levels, add or adjust fades, change the order of your tracks, etc. We can help with restoration of old recordings or clean up noise if you recorded live with a room or external mic.  The music or dialogue can be brought up and the room or outside noise can be pushed back. We can remove or diminish extraneous audio, including talking, doors opening and closing, footsteps, clicks or pops. We can manipulate a speech or dialogue by removing lines or changing the order in which they are spoken. If you need a file converted, we can do the conversion and store it on your choice of media or storage device. These are just a few of the many fixes that we can offer you in our CD mastering room at United Audio Video.

CD Mastering is a valuable tool we use to create the master you want. By utilizing state of the art hardware and software, together with over 20 years of mastering experience, along with the trained human ear, we are able to provide you with the sound you desire.  By enhancing your master, we can make your audio smooth and listenable, and at the same time, clean at maximum level, all at a very reasonable price.

We master from CDs, cassettes, LPs, Mini Discs, DATs, digital voice recorders, reel-to-reel and digital storage devices.


  • CD Mastering + 1 CD Master – $80.00 per hour


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