Audio Services

Tape Duplication / Live Recording – Spoken Word / Basic CD Mastering & Editing / Format Conversion

Audio ServicesFor over 30 years, United Audio Video has been serving the recording industry with audio services. Our duplication services include ¼” and ½” reel to reel, audio cassette, DAT, MINI DISC and Micro Cassette.

Our audio room is set up to accommodate many tasks, from live recording of the spoken word, to basic mastering and editing, duplicating, format conversion, and more. It’s equipped with both Mac & PC, and the hardware needed to get your job done.

With regard to the spoken word, we can record you live or import your master. Whether it’s the reading of a book or giving a speech, we can manipulate the audio to provide you with the result you desire.

These days, the machines that play back tape and vinyl are breaking down and rapidly becoming harder and harder to find. Masters will deteriorate over time, especially if not stored correctly, and this can diminish the sound quality or even make them unplayable. We can take your master and dub it to a new format to preserve the content. We have the equipment and years of experience to convert your media to audio files, CDs, or many other audio formats that you may require.

Supported Master Formats Include:

  • 1/4″ 2 track
  • 1/2″ 2 and 4 track
  • DAT
  • CD
  • CD-R
  • Audio Cassette
  • Micro Cassette
  • Vinyl Records
  • Computer media files
  • DVD
  • DVD-R
  • Most video formats.

Please contact us regarding any format or media that is not listed.


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